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2018 February 22, 23, 24    Global Cooperation Under Siege
United Nations website on the Global Issues related to Democracy
                Democracy: Overview
                Democracy and the United Nations
                Democracy and Human Rights
                Democracy and Elections
                Democracy and Civil Society
                Women and Democracy
                Democracy, Youth, and the United Nations

2017 February 23, 24, 25      Alaska Model United Nations Conference
Global Security:  Fight, Flight, and Human Rights

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Key Note Speaker - Teresa Gray: Former Paramedic in Anchorage who has gone to assist the well being of Syrian Refugees in their crisis state as they flee from Turkey to Lesbos, Greece.   Wow! What a story.

Friday's Lunch, sponsored by OxFam let the students and staff experience a OxFam Hunger Banquet.
20% of the Nation-States, who were the highly developed wealthier Countries, had a catered meal.  
30% of the Middle Developed got beans and rice.        50% got a small cup of rice.
The Program with this meal made it significantly experiental to complement last nights program and the conference committee proceedings.
https://www.oxfamamerica.org      text  to    97779    and  text SOF     or     ACTNOW


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2016 The Year of the Youth: Live Long and Prosper

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2015 East High Model UN Team   (click here for more pictures)
Feb 26, 27, 28th    2015
This Year's Topic:  WASTE
The challenges of what the International World does with all the By-products, Used up items, Trash, and other Waste Materials and how this impacts the World, People, Plants, Creatures, and Atmosphere.

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The Model UN Club meets at lunch in Room 115  on Thursdays to prep for
the Alaska State Model United Nations Conference.  All are welcome to join us!

Alaska Model United Nations Conference

Start Researching.....Now! Have fun.


           Model United Nations is an International Club of both High School and College students from all around the world who engage in a simulation of the United Nations.

The club members prepare for State Wide, Regional, National, and International Conferences that simulate the activities, discussions, debates, resolution writing, caucusing of the actual United Nations. In teams of 4-6 members, they act as Ambassadors from an assigned country, representing this country's interest on a pre-established International topic that the United Nations is discussing such as Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Global Climate Change, Pandemic Diseases, Women's Issues, Food Technology, Water, Law of the Sea, and International Justice,"Waste", Youth: Live Long and Prosper,   and this year of 2017 Global Security from Refugee Crisis to Int'l Cyber Crime to Health Issues that challenge security.

     For fans of academic role play, it is LARPing in suits and it looks good on your College Application. There are Awards for Best Delegations and National Representation. East High School has won both many times.

See the University of Alaska, Anchorage MUN's website for more on the Alaska Model United Nations