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East XC Running 2018
East High Cross Country Running 2018

Welcome to the East High Running homepage. Go Thunderbirds!

Most Recent Schedule
Parents can help our team by by using signup genius link below

Info for 8/18-19

Pack for Saturday at Skyview:
Backpack or duffel bag
Water bottle
Race clothes/uniform
Warm coat/rainjacket
Personal snacks, lunch food
A few $$ for dinner (bus will stop at Fred Meyer Soldotna on way home)
Dry clothes and shoes for ride home.
Book, games or electronics for a long drive.
Anything else you need that can fit on our bus.

Schedule for day:
Bus leaves East 7:10 am
Bus arrives Skyview Middle School 10:30
10:30 am------Coaches Meeting in Skyview Library
11:00 am------Walk the Course
12:00 pm------Open Race Girls
12:45 pm------Open Race Boys
1:30   pm------Girls Varsity Race
2:15   pm------Boys Varsity Race
3:00   pm------Community Race (Informal stopwatch timing)
3:30   pm------Results and Awards
Bus leaves Skyview 4:00
15 minute stop at Fred Meyer
Bus arrives at East 7:10 pm

Sunday fundraiser day: Putting out mile markers for race. Yay, we have enough people signed up to do this (thanks to former coach Nathaniel for still helping us)
Sunday Funraiser day: Being along runfest course and cheering on section of Chester Creek trail from A st. (Gorrilla playground) to Lake Otis (Hillstrand Pond/Maplewood Dr.) We need more people for this. Please go on the sign up genious above and sign up to help. Our last fundraiser for the year: easy, go out and cheer on runners!

How to Get team info:

1) this website!
3) join our facebook East XC page (closed group, just ask to join)
2) Get info/updates by text message: Send a text to 81010 with the message "@Eastrun18" this is our prefered method.
4) ask your runner what they learned at practice
5) coach might email or text you if they have your information
6) call a coach or the East activities office (907) 742-2100

Current Events:
First Race tomorrow 8/10, Friday. Here is some info:
1)      The race is at APU soccer field, our home course. Many kids don’t have 10 practices yet from all the schools, so we have an “ineligible” race. This is East, West, Bartlett.
2)      Kids should meet at East at 3 to walk or APU at 3:15. The ineligible race (boys and girls) will race at 4:00, then eligible boys at 4:20 and girls at 4:40. We should be done with the whole thing by 5:15-5:30.  The race is 3km, most kids did the course last Friday too.
3)      Parents/spectators should park across the street from the Moseley Center and walk down to the race course on the APU soccer field. Pro tip is to park near Wesleyn and Marion Dr. and walk down the small trail to the APU soccer field. This avoids UAA/Providence traffic leaving the area at rush hour.
4)  The kids recieved $90 worth of new uniforms today. Remind them to be careful not to lose stuff (numbers inside) and none of it should ever go in a dryer. They look nice; let's keep them that way.
5) The weather report is good! Should be a beautiful afternoon for a race and then a weekend with no practice!

Other info

Running registraion is open!!! It is a bit different this year. There is an online step for kids and an online step for parents, then bring in paperwork to East Activities office. Good news: your physical is now good for 18 months. I am posting the signs from activities office door. Also has more info. The activities office is open school hours (7-2).
Equipment to have: running shoes. A watch is good. If you want to run with a phone please get a holder so it is not in your hand. I just bought some at Skinny Raven ($20-30) but they are cheaper on Amazon (Nathan Mirage Reflective Running Belt Pack, Ultrasoft, Fully-Adjustable = $10). For the girls we are working with Sportique/BodyPhlo to have a jog bra afternoon (right after practice August 13, with a 20% discount for our team.

Coaches 2018
Gary Snyder, or call (907) nine five two-5199
Megan Neale, Christina Shurtleff, Travis Cooper assistants

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