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East High Drama
"...It's more than theatre, it's a family."


Alaska Center for the Performing Arts - http://www.myalaskacenter.com/

Alaska Theatre of Youth - http://www.alaskatheatreofyouth.org/

Anchorage Community Theatre - http://www.actalaska.org/

Out North Theatre - http://www.outnorth.org/

Scared Scriptless Improvisation - http://www.scaredscriptless.com/

UAA Department of Dance & Drama - http://theatre.uaa.alaska.edu/

Check out the theatre happening at other Anchorage High Schools!


All students, in all classes are required to write:
One review of a live theatre production each semester.  
Reviews are due within one week
of date of performance!!!!
These reviews are part of your "written work/quiz/tests" grade.
You may see theatre performances at East High, or any live theatre performance
in the Anchorage area, or on a special family trip.
(Or on Broadway if you are part of the NYC spring break trip)

Reviews need to be 1 page typed (500 words)
1.5 line spaced, 12 pt. font, and must include the following:

  •    Your Name
  •    Your Class Period
  •    Performance Date
  •    Name of Show
  •    Name of Production Company
  •    Type of show - Drama, Comedy, Musical, Farce, etc
  •    No Dance Shows.  No Improvisation Shows.
  •    1-2 paragraphs describing PLOT (story line) and main CHARACTERS (protagonist & antogonist & other supporting characters)
  •    One sentence description of what you believe the DRAMATIC THEME to be.
  •    One paragraph telling me what your favorite part of the show was and why.
  •    Final paragraph - Tell me whether or not you would recommend the show, and WHY!
  •    Key items in review are PLOT, THEME, CHARACTER, CLIMAX, and YOUR OPINION of how the show was!
Students that are in an East High Theatre Production, either on stage or back stage, may substitute a 500 word review of his/her impressions of what it was like to be in the show instead of the review.
This may include how you feel you personally did in the show, what the challenges were for you in the show, how the cast worked together, how you felt about the final product. I want your honest opinion. This isn't about pleasing your director, this is about forming opinions and backing up your thoughts with specific examples of challenges, personal growth, and artistic and collaborative work. Have fun with it, and be honest!
 I accept reviews ALL SEMESTER LONG!
Please turn them in within one week of seeing the show!
All reviews are due no later than MONDAY MAY 1ST.
No late reviews will be accepted!

So that students may have access to information about live theatre around town I have included above the web-sites for many local theatre groups.

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