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Because of performance rights, each show has an unique and individual price.
Most of our tickets will be between $5 and $12, depending on production costs.
All tickets are available at the door on the day of the performance, 45 minutes before curtain time.  
For some of our larger performances we may sell tickets at lunch time
and/or after school in the box office in the Commons area.


All of our performances begin promptly at 7pm, with the exception of our end of the year Original Shows performance which begins at 7:30pm. PLEASE BE PROMPT and plan on being at the theatre 15-30 minutes before curtain time in order to purchase tickets (we often have long lines) and find your seat before we go dark for the show to begin.


Please remember a few common courtesies when you are at the theatre:

1)ARRIVE ON TIME - Get to the theatre on time - Plan on 15-30 minutes early.

2) STAY UNTIL THE END - It is appropriate for all audience members to stay for the ENTIRE performance. If your son or daughter is in one of our performances they are expected to stay for the entire show, even if they are only in part of the performance.
3) STAY SEATED FOR THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE -  Please do not get up and down during the performance. This is distracting to both the actors on stage, and the other audience members.

4) NO FOOD OR DRINK - Do not bring any type of food or beverage into the theatre. If you do you will be asked to take it outside of the theatr e.

5) NO USE OF CELL PHONE OR FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY - Please do not take or make calls on your cell phone during a performance. Please do not TEXT during a performance, and please DO NOT TAKE VIDEOS OR FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY during a performance. Photos and videos are taken of most of our performances and will be available to you at the end of the run. An audience member lookking at a bright cell phone in front of them is easily distracted. Flash photography can be dangerous to actors on stage. Please keep your cell phones turned completely off during a performance. Ushers will ask you to leave if you are using cell phones, flash cameras or video machines during the show.

6) KEEP YOUR CHILDREN IN CHECK - If you have young children with you they should be able to sit through the entire show, or you should plan on leaving children at home with a sitter. We welcome well behaved and happy children and want them to get excited about the theatre at a young age. Only you can determine whether or not they are old enough to sit through a show. If a child becomes a disturbance during a show please quickly and quietly take them out until they have calmed down and are ready to return.  Lastly - We do charge for tickets for young children. We do not charge for babes in arms, but we also don't recommend bringing babies into a theatre for a live performance. There are often loud noises and strange lighting effects that can be disturbing to babies and young children. Please keep in mind that other audience members are paying good money to see our performances. They want to see the show without being disturbed.  

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