East High NYO
Native Youth Olympics
Club sponsor:   Ray Bellamy

Where and when you meet:   Upper gym, mat room, and weight room, depending on schedule

Purpose of club:   Native Youth Olympics is a competition where students compete in strength and endurance events as well as jumping events.   NYO is open to any student from the 7 th grade to the 12 th grade.   We have students from middle school who practice and compete with us in the Anchorage Preliminaries.    NY0 promote physical fitness, competition and sportsmanship.  

Some activities you do during the year:   We practice 3 to 4 times a week during the months of February, March and April.   We participate in native games, lift weight and do other activities that promote fitness, communications and teamwork.   We also give demonstrations within the Anchorage community.   We have demonstrated at local schools, at a school board convention and other community gatherings.

How do students benefit from being in your club?: (Quote from student athlete:)  "It's fun; my cousin and I have been coming to NYO since we were in the 6 th grade, I am now in 9 th grade.   I use to come and practice with my two brothers and sister when they were at East.    My brother tied the state record in the kneel jump and I have been working hard to break that record."