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East High Curriculum Office


Dave Morris, Curriculum Assistant Principal
742-2142 or morris_david@asdk12.org

Donna Romerdahl, Registrar
742-2178 or romerdahl_donna@asdk12.org

TBD, Curriculum Secretary

Patti Voight, Registration
742-2172 or voight_patience@asdk12.org


1.  Proof of residency in the East High attendance area showing address of parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

We can use:  Current bill (i.e. gas, electric, cable) addressed to parent or legal guardian, purchase or lease agreement, or utility hook-up agreement.

We cannot use:  Checkbook, written rental receipt, state ID or driver's license, mail addressed to "occupant" or to someone other than the parent or legal guardian.

2.  Updated immunization (shot) records.

3.  Current transcript with grades and credits earned to date.  Proof that student has matriculated from the 8th to 9th grade for 9th graders entering from a school outside of the Anchorage School District.  (This may be faxed to our office at 907-742-2134.)

4.  Discipline records reflecting any out-of-school disciplinary actions or the absence of such actions.

5.  Notarized statement giving temporary legal guardianship to the individual(s) with whom the student will be residing if the student is not residing with a parent.

6.  Copy of birth certificate.


Please remember when transferring or withdrawing from East High School the parent/guardian must contact the Curriculum Office in advance before the move or transfer. The student will be given a withdrawal checkout form which each teacher will sign and issue grades and a percentage score to date. The student will also check out with the Nurse, Library, Student Services, and FDCC. All books and school property will be returned at this time. The completed withdrawal form will be returned to the curriculum office when all signatures have been obtained.
The student will be given a copy of their shot record and a copy of the withdrawal checkout form to take with them.


Rich Gressett (NW House)
742-2168 or gressett_richard@asdk12.org
Margaret McDonagh (SW House)
742-2167 or mcdonagh_margaret@asdk12.org
Roosevelt Banks (SE House)
742-2175 or banks_roosevelt@asdk12.org
Robbie Everett (NE House)
742-2174 or everett_robert@asdk12.org
Tracy Kennedy (SWS House)
742-2176 or kennedy_tracy@asdk12.org
Paige Petr (ELL Newcomers NW & SW House)
742-2263 or petr_paige@asdk12.org
Mary Lynn Zock (NW & SW Houses)
742-2330 or zock_mary@asdk12.org
Scott Henry (NE & SE House)
742-2199 or henry_scott@asdk12.org